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GKV, one of the mid-Atlantic's largest integrated marketing firms shares case studies, creative work and industry insights for CPG clients.
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Every category has challenger brands, but in CPG the dominance of the category leaders is particularly stunning. Today’s successful challenger brand’s advertising must be noticed, its social media must engage and its owned media must deliver real value. At GKV, we’re both scientists and humanists. We like being one step ahead and plan to stay there. Check out some of our case studies and call us to discuss your challenges.
Lead like a Lighthouse

-Just as ships navigate the seas by lighthouses, people navigate life by people and organizations of character and conviction. For any brand GKV works with, we start by understanding and clarifying the brand truth that will ultimately drive all our choices.

Sacrifice and Simplify

-No brand has unlimited funds, and consumers do not have unlimited attention. Focus and clarity of message is critical. TV was great in its day. Today, there are loads of opportunities to influence consumers, but they are like elevator speeches that you only have one floor to give. Success comes from choosing the right elevator and the right point to make.

It's about them, not us

-Today, people’s relationships with brands are the same as they are with other people. They are emotional, they are useful, they are predicated on relevancy and shared value. Don’t be the friend that only talks about yourself, or you won’t be their friend for long. Be the friend that has their back.

Have fun with it, or they won’t

-Your brand inside quickly becomes your brand outside. Focus the right culture in your office and with your partners that celebrates creativity and challenging old paradigms. The best teams deliver the best work.

No guts, no glory

-The safe route is for the old guys who have been running the show for a long time. But their grip is loosening, and always will for the new guy who goes to where the ball will be, not where it’s been. But taking chances doesn’t mean risking it all.

KPIs... Fun? No. Critical? Yes

-What makes advertising and marketing effective isn’t the numbers. It’s the insights, the creativity and sweating the details. But those skills need to be pointed in the right places. Start with the numbers, know what you are trying to accomplish, stay aware and stay nimble, so you can make your risks less risky.